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Johnson&Johnson Settlement?

Karma is Coming…I hope

I hope Johnson and Johnson gets the karmic justice they deserve. They have numerous lawsuits open against them right now, and they have supposedly issued a lot of money in settlements. BUT!!! They are not actually paying all the claimants in those settlements! The customer service department is even stooping so low as to make false accusations against consumers via email and use those accusations as reason to withhold the compensation the consumers had been told they would receive after they filed a claim in the lawsuits.

Consumers had 2 choices as to what type of claim they could file:

1. With proof – you could claim many products and got a higher payout/refund.

2. Without proof – you could claim 3 products (possibly up to 5 on some of the recalled products, but I think the general limit was 3 w/o proof) if you no longer had the product and had no pictures or receipts.

Sneaky Service Department

So the consumers who filed the no proof claims are getting their claims pretty much tossed out the door by the customer service dept. I personally filed a couple of no-proof claims for some of the lawsuits/settlements J&J had going because I had purchased a LOT of J&J products (I use the J&J brand itself, Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc.) in the time frame specified, and many of them were the recalled products. I only filed these claims under my name and address, and I did not file duplicate claims for the same products.

When I first filed the claims, I received an email from J&J, for each claim filed, saying they had processed my claim and I would be receiving a refund for x amount in about 4-6 weeks. That was 3 months ago. I have been arguing with Customer Service ever since.

Customer Service Accusations

Accusation 1:

They have accused me of filing multiple claims using aliases and multiple phone numbers and addresses, which isn’t true.

Note to self: Don’t use someone else’s Wi-Fi to file claims….

A: I used a friend’s computer to file the claims. She also happened to qualify for a couple of the settlements as well. So she filed her own. I think one of her family members also used her computer or her wi-fi, to file their own claim. Point is – we each filed our own claims for our own products that we had each bought individually. Our claims had nothing to do with each other. So if the Customer Service Dept is basing the validity of claims off whether or not they were filed using the same Wi-Fi or IP address, then that’s pretty stupid because family shares wi-fi all the time. That doesn’t mean it’s the same person filing for themselves under different names.

Note to self 2: You CAN file claims in multiple settlements….

B: I did file multiple claims, but only one claim per lawsuit/settlement, and only for the ones that covered products I had purchased within the time frame specified by the lawsuit. There was no rules anywhere that said J&J consumers could only file for compensation under 1 settlement. I mean, people buy sunscreen from them, baby products from them, Tylenol and other medicines from them, etc. The list of recalled products that they were issuing settlements for is rather large. Each lawsuit only covered one specific type of product. For example, there was one for specific Aveeno and Neutrogena aerosol sunscreen spray. Which I had bought several of. I probably do still have one of those floating around somewhere because I lost a can of it last time I bought it and ended up having to go buy another one…. but I digress… They have recalled several baby products. I used mainly J&J when my kids were small, I bought it for my fiance’s grandkids, and I was buying it even earlier this year. So really it just boils down to the specific product and whether or not you bought that one. You get my point though. Just because you bought sunscreen and baby products doesn’t mean you can only file a claim in one of the settlements – you qualify to file a claim in both. Which is what I did. But apparently they didn’t like that.

Accusation 2:

They said I claimed one size product, which wasn’t covered, even though that wasn’t the one I had claimed. Then, in a follow-up email in the same conversation, referred to the product I had filed a claim against and the product they referred to was the correct one. So, in the same conversation they said I claimed 2 different sizes of the same product. But the incorrect one, they didn’t even get the size right. They said I filed a claim against a 1.6 oz (it’s actually 1.7 oz) which, until I looked it up, I didn’t even know J&J made. So why the heck would I have filed a claim for that product?

Accusation 3:

They ALSO have been demanding proof of purchase – i.e. copies of receipts, pictures of the product, etc. I have tried explaining to them that the whole reason I filed a no-proof necessary claim was because I didn’t have proof of purchase. If I had had proof of all the recalled products I’d purchased from J&J, I would have been able to get a much higher refund!  But it’s like talking to an automated system. Then I end up getting copy/paste emails back. One of them said they were going to send me a postage-paid envelope to send the products back to them in! So I replied to them and said not to waste the money because I don’t have the products…Talk about beating your head against a brick wall!!


Bottom line is, J&J may have been court ordered to pay consumers a settlement, but they are finding ways around it. So people are not all getting paid. Or they are not getting paid for the number of claims they were legitimately able to submit. J&J has so many settlements they’re paying out, that many people qualify for more than just one. For Customer Service to tell you that you filed too many claims, when you only filed for the ones you qualified for, is ridiculous.

I still think filing a claim on the class action lawsuits that you qualify for is a good idea. You might get money you didn’t know you could get. But only if you qualify – you are filing a claim under oath.

But J&J specifically, in my personal experience, is being sneaky about not paying the settlements to everyone. When you try to contact customer service, you either get an automated system, or someone outside of the US. They just simply copy and paste a pre-formatted reply – not helpful. It is rare to get an actual, typed out email from a human, who is a native English speaker. When you do, they are even less helpful than the auto-replies, if that’s even possible. They don’t really read your emails, they have no care about the people writing the emails and no conscience. So talking to them is not helpful at all.