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Frustrated with Facebook? You’re Not Alone!

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Frustrated with Facebook yet? I know I am. The social media giant has a LOT of their members very frustrated these days. Between the: constant policing of posts, restrictions on accounts, inaccurately fact-checking pretty much everything you put up there, including little memes and quotes that have no real value other than to make people smile, and etc., Facebook is really overstepping itself!

As we saw back in 2019 and 2020, apparently there isn’t any one entity out there big enough to actually corral this company back into being reasonable. They were even censoring the President of the US! Now, I am NOT getting political here or picking political sides. That’s not the point of this post at all. The point I’m trying to make is: when a company gets so big that they can censor and even prohibit the speech of their own leader, we may have problems.

Facebook has its own interests at heart, not the best interests of its members. As evidenced by the latest findings produced by the now-ex employee of Facebook that testified in front of Congress. Facebook goes with the flow of whatever is the most popular of public  movements at that time, whether they actually agree with the movement or not.

Now, throw in the smaller fish –  administrators of groups that members of Facebook enjoy being in. I happen to admin multiple groups myself. The “interesting” thing happening to group admin all over Facebook right now, is….. They are being restricted or outright banned, without reason or justification. I am not even kidding you. My personal account, my group account, and all my pages say the same thing: “no active violations, no current restrictions”. But, as of about a week or so ago, when I tried to post an Amazon deal to one of my Facebook groups, I got a notification saying I was restricted and couldn’t post to any groups until October 30th. That is a month of restricted posting!! I had been posting fine that morning, for a couple of hours, as usual, and then BAM.

You can forget trying to talk to someone, because I tried and tried to contact them, and still have not heard from them. Then I tried disagreeing with the decision, but that didn’t work either. Facebook is so big now that a lot of their system is automatic. So there is no live person to hear you when you try to contact them or dispute an action they’ve taken.

On top of all that, Facebook is also randomly removing groups without warning! One minute the group is there and everything is fine, and the next minute, you try to reply to a comment or create a post, and you get an error message. After forever, you finally figure out that the group is gone. But: Facebook didn’t send you any notification, you didn’t get a warning of impending removal, you don’t get a message saying it’s been removed for whatever reason, nothing! It’s just gone. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 people in the group or 500K members. If the system decides to remove your group, your group is gone. All those years of hard work, frustration, money, everything, is gone, and you can’t talk to single person to find out why.

To add to that nice little sundae of a mess, when you go to search on Facebook for Facebook customer support or really, Facebook anything, you get all these groups with the Facebook logo. Some of them imply or outright say that they are customer service for Facebook. Lies…. all of it. Again, not kidding. I know this from both personal experience and from hearing other admin of other groups talk about their own frustrating non-experience experiences with Facebook customer support  (“non-experience” because they didn’t experience it, it didn’t happen, because Facebook doesn’t have real people easily or readily available for their members to talk to…).

You look at some of those groups, and they are flooded with posts and comments about people who have had their profiles suddenly removed and they don’t know why, or (and this one is very common, which is somewhat alarming), they’ve been hacked and they need help accessing their account because someone is pretending to be them.

I had a friend who had that problem. She came across a profile that had her profile picture and info, etc. Looked like her, except it wasn’t. So she filed a complaint,reported it to Facebook. You know what happened? Even though she proved her identity? Facebook shut down HER account. Not the fake, imitation profile. They shut down her own, real profile. Tell me how that makes sense?

Another fun story… I personally had a “seller” contact me, and usually I ignore them. But this time the pic in the tiny bubble looked familiar. So I clicked on their name. It made the picture bigger so I could see what I was looking at. They had gotten a picture, from MY profile, of MY daughter as a baby, and was using that for their profile picture. What the hell! I reported the profile and told them I had reported them.

But I never heard from Facebook about it. The user with my daughter’s profile picture disappeared, but for all I know, there’s others out there. I locked my account down after that. I think there’s one picture visible and that’s with me and all 3 of my kids together.

So, you have Facebook censoring and then banning the President of the USA for posts far milder than many things I’ve seen posted both before and after Trump was President (which leads me to believe Facebook was just going with the flow), and then you have Facebook removing groups and restricting accounts without notice or cause, banning admins from using Marketplace for personal use, etc., I gotta say, I’m NOT liking this Facebook sundae so far lol!!

Now for the cherry on top of that messy sundae – you have the general member. Many of them are having issues with their accounts too! A friend of mine posted a little quote/meme about how you can’t go back in time, you only can change your future. Which is very true, and, I thought, very thought-provoking. Facebook fact-checked it! Yes! They fact-checked it. Not only did they fact-check this cute little meme, but….the results came in as FALSE! (I’m dying of laughter over here people!!)

Apparently Facebook either thinks you CAN go back in time and fix things, OR, they think you CANNOT change your future…. because there literally is NO other way to read that. I mean, the quote said “you can’t go back in time to change where you’ve been, but you can change where you go in the future”….. so… if that saying is false, then it must mean the opposite of some part of it is true…. Which, is kind of confusing. But anyways….

I feel like Facebook doesn’t even know what it’s doing anymore.

  1. Its servers crashed – which I thought was karmic (or poetic, take your pick) justice – while they were supposedly trying to upgrade things… I don’t think their members can handle much more of Facebook’s type of upgrades hahaha!!
  2. They are restricting people while telling those same people they are not actually restricted….talk about confusing…
  3. They are removing groups that didn’t even break any of the rules!

At least we know WHY there aren’t any live representative to talk to when we try to contact Facebook. We also know WHY there isn’t contact information readily available…. They don’t want to talk to us and they don’t want to admit that they haven’t a clue what the hell they’re doing! Even their own employees don’t want to admit they work for Facebook! Do a Google search on “facebook employee interviews” and see how many of them look embarrassed to admit they work for Facebook. No, it’s not due to a non-disclosure agreement or anything like that. Because you can still tell people you work for so-and-so, even if you can’t say what you do for that company.

I mean, the whole world knows Facebook exists, so there has to be real people in there somewhere….It can’t be one mad scientist insanely typing across 100 computer screens….. * taps chin thoughtfully * hmmmm… no, no. I don’t think that’s it. So… if Facebook is so wonderful, then why are so many people ashamed to say they work for it? If Facebook is NOT so wonderful, then WHY in God’s name are we all still using it?

Answer: Because it’s convenient…..  Ok, yes, it’s convenient. But, the only reason the other social media platforms (, Parler, etc.) aren’t as big or competitive as Facebook, is because not enough people have left Facebook for the other platforms. If we, as a people, moved to another platform, Facebook would be left wishing they hadn’t become a dictatorship. Because that’s exactly what they are now. They tell you what you can or cannot say, what you are and are not allowed to post, and their rules no longer border on the extreme, they ARE extreme.

We can’t even have discussions about vaccinations, current race issues (because, let’s be honest, there are a lot of racial issues going on right now), etc., without Facebook stepping in and saying you can’t post that, it goes against our community guidelines. You can bully someone online all day long as long as you avoid certain trigger words, and Facebook doesn’t do anything about it. But as soon as you mention anything about  Covid-19, vaccinations, or anything to do with African-Americans, they remove your post.

Unless you are in favor of and support everything that Facebook is in favor of and supports. I’m sorry, but that is NOT freedom of speech. That is “freedom to agree with me or else you can’t talk”, which is no freedom at all.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, taking away people’s freedoms should bother everyone, and Facebook is one of the first in line to either take it away or back up others who want to take it away. We should be standing up for each other and our rights to keep our freedoms. If we don’t, one day we won’t have them at all.

America fought hard for her freedom. Countless people have given their lives to defend these freedoms. But we’re going to let a social media giant like Facebook help destroy it? Come on America, we can do better than this. I’m not saying to delete your Facebook profile. I’m just saying to look at other social media platforms and see what else is out there. Find a second platform to join, one that isn’t so restrictive, and join that one too. Most of them are free just like Facebook.

I’m sure that after a while of using the new one and enjoying your newfound freedom, that you should have had all along, and getting your friends and family to join you, maybe you’ll find that you won’t miss Facebook as much as you think you will. We all did fine without them before and I’m sure we can get along fine without them again. If they can’t ease their control, then they don’t deserve to have it.


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