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Welcome to my website and blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog and website! Please bookmark us into your favorites so you can keep coming back and see what new things I’ve posted! 

I love scouring the web for freebies, deals from Amazon, ways to make extra money, etc. So nearly every page will have some sort of deal or some Amazon items that are on sale or a great price, etc.

I also love to write. So you will find a very random assortment of articles on my website, ranging from Autism, to herbs, to Facebook, to just about anything! You never know what you will find here. That’s part of the fun! 

If you like my posts and the free things, deals, and everything else you find on my site, please share a link to your social media page for me! Maybe someone you know would enjoy checking my site out as well! (Link to share: )

Check out my Facebook group!!

We have a lot of awesome deals posted there. Sometimes we find things up to 90% off, there are freebies that get posted there, and information on no-proof class action lawsuits that you might qualify for and be able to get some cash back. I also do frequent gift card giveaways! Lots of fun there!!

If you join the group because of my website, drop a little line and let me know – it would make my day!!

Thanks guys!!!!