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Spoil Yourself with Ipsy!

Spoil Yourself with IPSY


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💥$50 worth of beauty supplies for $12 with free shipping!!!💥

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If you like makeup, skin care, perfume, hair care, etc. then you should sign up for Ipsy. You get $50 worth of products, that you get to personalize to your tastes, for $12, with free shipping. That’s like 75% off!!

You can save even more by getting a bigger package, worth $120, for $25/month if you want. Plus, if you sign up now, after you order your first Glam Bag, they offer you the chance to pay for an annual membership at a discounted rate, which gives you two FREE Glam Bags!!

Plus, after you sign up, you can encourage your friends and family to join, and earn points when they sign up too, which you can then use to get awesome products!!

I signed up because some of my friends have an Ipsy membership and they love it, so I figured $12 wasn’t much to spend trying out something and you can cancel any time you want, so there’s no risk either! If you don’t like it, cancel and don’t worry about it!

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